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Workplace Tips for Going GREEN

Workplace Tips for Going Green
  1. Set office copier defaults to print on both sides of paper to reduce paper waste.
  2. Post recycling receptacles in central locations as well as at individual desks.
  3. Use motion detectors to control lighting in storage and other rooms that are used infrequently.
  4. Consider programs that allow employees to work from home part of the time, reducing carbon emissions from commuting & potentially limiting space needed per employee, thus reducing the amount of space to heat and cool.
  5. Bring lunch from home to reduce cafeteria and restaurant waste.
  6. Use a coffee mug and reusable water bottle instead of paper cups and disposable plastic bottles.
  7. Turn off your computer at night and unplug the adaptor-even an idle adaptor draws energy.
  8. Bring your laptop to meetings to avoid printing out presentation materials.
  9. When working late, use task lighting at your desk instead of lighting an entire floor.
  10. Place plants in your office space to help absorb indoor pollution.